Tuesday, January 16, 2007

J.B. Hunt

My brother was one person who liked to think about others before himself. Its funny how he would do things just to make me feel better about myself even though it might make him look stupid. Like when we were little, our family would take road trips in our family van. We used to play all sorts of games in the car and my parents would often help us in them. One game that my parents came up with is that while were on our trips we would see these trucks that say J.B. Hunt on the side of it. My parents used to joke around with J.B. and they would say "hide J.B. they are coming to get you" but in a little nicer way then that. Well, since I am the youngest, I tend to not figure things out quite as quickly as my siblings. After time they all figured out that those trucks really weren't after J.B. but I on the other hand, still thought it was true. So when we would pass one of those trucks I would always tell J.B. to hide because they were after him. Even though he knew that it wasn't true, he would always hide for me. I don't know if it was just to be nice to his not so smart youngest sister, or if he liked the fun of the game, but something deep down tells me that he did it simply because he didn't want me to worry about him. He wanted to make sure I knew that he would be ok because he knew what to do and it made me feel better knowing that I helped him to be "safe".

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