Monday, January 22, 2007

Dichotomies - Jamin explains his own life

He was unique . . . no one will argue that. But, it was more than just his passion for life, his positive attitude, unfailing grin, care for others, creative adaptability, craving for the new and unconquered, or superb organizational skills that made us love him. It was all of these plus many other "definable" attributes combined with those quirky, goofy, and mostly unexplainable characteristics that drew people to him. These are things that you can't describe to someone who never had the chance to know him. Believe me I've tried! However, his over the top hand movements, finger points, soothing deep voice, well calculated voice inflections, head bobble when he laughed, or the bounce in his step when he walked somehow never quite look or sound the same even when impersonated by someone who shares his genes. His "Jaminisms" are what I remember and treasure the most but are sometimes the hardest to recall.

We were fortuneate, though, that less than a month before his death Jamin prepared and delivered a speech for the toastmasters club that he was a part of on base (how he had time for this I don't know). In it he describes his own perspective on the person that he is in the context of the definition of the word "dichotomies." The fact that it was recorded is such a blessing to us because it helped to refresh in my memory some of those characteristics that are sometime so hard to pinpoint. For anyone who was there, correct me if I am wrong, but my guess is that Jamin wanted to have this recorded so that he could watch it at a later date and improve upon his own speaking style. This is just one more instance where his determination to become a better person has ended up benefiting others as well.


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