Tuesday, January 9, 2007

A Nightly Serenade

The following post was contributed by Jennifer Brewington, a friend of J.B.'s from Camp Elim (a Christian camp where he volunteered for several summers during High School):

One week during the summer, years ago (I want to say 7 years), J.B. was the guy's counselor for Co-Workers camp. Since it was such a small group, there was just one building that the boys and girls used, with only a wall and a door separating their sleeping quarters. Well, every night J.B. would get all the boys into the small hallway on the other side of the door to sing to the girls right before bed. Every night we looked forward to what song it would be, sometimes we would make requests, but we all thought it was great!

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Charles Wilson said...

Jennifer, thank you very much for giving us this insight into J.B.'s time at Camp Elim. We can easily picture him rounding up everyone and getting the singing started. He loved doing fun things that made others feel good. Please carry that characteristic forward for him. Love, Mr. Wilson (J.B.'s dad)

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