Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Jamin's Important Research

This post was contributed by Felix Blum a dear friend of the family who entered my Dad's life when he lived with his family during high school on an exchange program from Switzerland. Since that time we have been in touch several times a year and he has had multiple opportunities to spend time with our family and us with his.

Forty years ago I came into the Wilson family. Since I arrived in Denver in 1966 we have shared some important steps in our lives: Charlie and Becky got married the same year als Susanne and I did. What a wonderful surprise and joy, when we could announce to each other at the same time the birth of our first children - Jamin and Anna. This way it went on. Every other year we were given one more couple. First Molly and Basil, then Parker and Rosalia and finally Brynna and Donat. The only difference (beside that each one is a very unique idividual) was, that you started with a boy and ended with a girl while we did it vice versa.
In 1999 your whole family come over to Europe and visited us in Switzerland. The following year we all were together on Lake Powell and in Denver - unforgettable times for us!

Having the chance to see four children growing, up one certainly can notice some caracteristics according to the position in their familiy. E.g. our eldest, Anna, is a person that tries to do everything to her best and who takes lots of responsability. I believe to have noticed a similar attitude with J.B. On the pictures taken at the Rhine Falls and on Lake Powell Jamin stands firm and responsable in this life.The third picture has been taken in Arogno. From that trip to the italian part of Switzerland I still remember a little story:

We just got home from lunch in Como on the Italian side of the border when Jamin announced that he needs to go to the nearest McDonalds. So we got back in the car and drove to Lugano. As I did not know better we got off in front of a Burger King restaurant. It was only there that I realized that we were not looking just for a hamburger to eat because Jamin would prefer American to Italian food or because he was still hungry. No, what he was looking for was a Mc Donalds place because his aim was to test weather the quality of the Big Mac is the same all over the world. For that he wanted to taste one of them in every bigger city he passed on his trip through Europe. Of course we wanted to give our support to his studies that he followed systematically even during vacations. So we were really glad when we finally pulled in in front of a real Mc Donald's. And Jamin was pleased with the results of his researches.

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