Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Happy Birthday J.B.!

Today, January 9th, would have been J.B.'s 26th Birthday. He missed it by just over 3 weeks. On his last birthday I told him "Let me know how this whole quarter of a century thing turns out and I might give it a try in . . . um about a year and a half or so. Love ya!"

I really wish he was still around to give me his advise! However, these past three weeks without him have been so enlightening, and inspirational that I feel like he has left it behind for me to continue to digest through the kind words of his friends, co-workers, family, classmates, teammates, roommates, and teachers . . . so to all of you I say THANK YOU!

If God grants me the gift of 17 more months on this earth I will, for what feels like the first time in my life, have accomplished something that my big brother was not able to do . . . reach my 26th Birthday. If that happens, I may surpass him in age but I know for sure that it will take a lifetime to try to outlive him.

Happy Birthday Brother! I LOVE YOU LIKE CRAZY!

P.S. I think that it is worth noting that Apple Computers just unveiled their new products today, January 9th! Coincidence . . . I think not. Despite what gifts we may have given him this birthday I think that he would still consider this little piece of information the best thing EVER! More to come on that later.

J.B. with friends from D'Evelyn High School on his 18th Birthday

Jamin celebrating his 25th Birthday on base last year - thank you to all who made this a special day for him!

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Anonymous said...

I was on Apple's website yesterday too and I thought that exact same thing! I do have to believe that JB did indeed have the best birthday ever yesterday... and probably danced like crazy in heaven :)

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