Thursday, January 4, 2007

The Perfect Weekend - In His Own Words

Being the tight-knit though somewhat spread out family that we are, we have always loved receiving emails from eachother. There has kind of been this energy generated in our household whenever we receive emails from members that are not currently at home. Its almost a contest to see who can report that they saw the email first "Did you see the email from ________ yet?" And then recounting everything that the family member said before the other person has a chance to read it for themselves. It is with this excitement that we always read through Jamin's emails about his adventures at college and then in Europe. Yes, he went some amazing places and saw some of the most extraoridinary landscapes. However, it never ceased to amaze us how excited he could get about the most mundane things in life. He saw the good in everything. The email below is simply an example of that. I hope you enjoy reading about life from Jamin's perspective. We could all learn a lesson or two about positivity from this:

"Today I woke up and went to a friend's house for brunch. It was four lawyers, a nurse, and me, and we had eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits with home-made peach preserves, Nutella, and raspberry jam, mimosas, and lots of tasty fruit. Quite a spread, really. And I must tell you that these lawyer-types are really quite well-educated, and hence, quite witty. Lots of fun for breakfast conversation.

Meanwhile, I recieved a call from another friend who wondered if I'd like to go on a bike ride. Now you see, I've been going on some little bike rides here and there, but I've been meaning to go on a really serious bike ride for a while now, and this was it. The friends I was meeting up with actually live a decent bit (by bike, at least) away from me, and then from there we were going to a cool little town on the Mosel River. Well, it ended up being quite a trek. I biked 43 km each way over some pretty serious hills, for a total of 86 km today. I think if I had been in the Tour de France, I would have gotten the red spotted jersey today for best hill-climbing (I guess I _was_ the only one who rode the hilly parts of the trail, but you know...). Anyhow, awesome time. Had a tasty little waffle with whipped cream and cherries in Bernkastel (the destination) for a mid-ride treat, then hopped back on the trail to head home. Total time on bike today: 6.5 hours. Awesome.

And then I came home and had some tasty spaghetti*. And now I am going to bed. And I like bed.

Oh yes, and I wrote an e-mail to my family whom I love very much. That's great. I can't wait to get to see you all at Thanksgiving. Hope you all had a great weekend too.

Love you like crazy,

* Well, not quite as tasty as Mom's, but hey -- a guy can't ask for
_everything_, can he?"

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