Sunday, January 28, 2007


This is my dedication to my friend Jamin. I got to know Jamin in 2004 by being his sponsor to Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany.

I met Jamin at the airport in Frankfurt and quickly gave him the low down about active duty Air Force life and what there was to do in the area of Germany. We went on some awesome trips to Luxembourg and Pairs, but soon got caught up in work and other friends.

I guess what I'd like to write about most is his character and what I remember of him.

I unfortunately got the tragic news days after moving to my new assignment in New Mexico. He was at my going away party and seemed more excited about my assignment to the Air Force Research Labs. "Cool man, so you'll be on the cutting edge of technology!"

From the start of meeting Jamin I knew he was destine for great things. He swept through the jobs thrown at him: good and bad! He had integrity and a humble willingness to take on anything. He always did his best at anything I saw him do...and that was a scary thing for us other Lieutenant's. Jamin had crazy skills, endless talent, and what a character!

God only knows why somethings happen. But the way I see it--he left a living testament to greatness. All those good things that he embodied. He now rests with greatness and those who did great things for our country.

He was a good man, searching for his niche in life, and this world is a better place for him.

I miss you brother, see you in heaven.

God bless,
Rueben Amador

(if you'd like copy of Jamin's photos, email me at

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Anonymous said...

Hi Reuben,

Thanks for your well written remembrances of Jamin. I also enjoyed the good pictures. I'm glad you were able to help Jamin get started at Spangdahlem. The air base will always be a special place to us. I hope you can carry on some of the good things that Jamin taught all of us. Please keep in touch.
Mr. Wilson (Jamin's dad)

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