Sunday, January 21, 2007

How can anyone derive so much fun from one meal?

Following, is just one more example of how much Jamin enjoyed his life and why we enjoyed receiving emails from him. It came to us entitled "On this day in history":

Friends... Family... Family with whom I am friendly (I like that, by the way)...

You may wish to take note of this day, for it is one that shall surely go down in history. Why, you ask? Because, family of mine, today is the day on which Jamin has cooked the tastiest thing he has ever cooked. Yes, that's right, the very tastiest. The most scrum-didily-umptuous thing that has ever crossed my kitchen did so on this very day, yea verily.

What, you ask, was this most delectable of goodies? Well, I shall tell you. It was lasagna. And I might point out that this, in addition to being the tastiest thing that Jamin has ever cooked, was also the most complicated. I mean, seriously people, this thing had _multiple_ ingredients. And I'm not just talking about "add water to X and heat until boiling" either... There must have been eight or ten ingredients. And I had to boil things and sauté things (I didn't even know I was qualified to sauté things until tonight) and bake things, and in the process create this most delicious smell which filled up the entirety of my kitchen. It was a long and arduous process (about an hour and 45 minutes to be exact), but in the end, it was worth it. A veritable feast was enjoyed by all. That is to say, by me. But being that the lasagna was quite huge, and given also that I ate but one third of it, and given moreover that I made only a half (or perhaps two-thirds -- I was a bit generous) batch of it, I think that this is the sort of thing which I shall have to invite some friendly types over to consume with me in the future. In the meantime, I have enough leftovers to feed me for a couple of days.

And so all good stories must come to an end. This one happens to be doing so at a fine time, as I must to bed, where sweet slumber made sweeter by thoughts of a savory supper shall transpire.

I hope you are all having a great day over there on the part of the world where it's still daytime. I love you lots.


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