Monday, April 2, 2007

Will others say the same of us?

The Wilson Family will always be thankful for the positive way in which J.B. impacted so many people. Many have related how their lives were changed by the example he set in the life he lived. Following are a few assorted comments out of the hundreds that were sent to the Wilson Family following Jamin’s death:

“J.B.’s manifest delight in life, I think changed the way many people approached their lives.”

“He had a positive outlook about everything. I can’t remember a single bit of negative emotion coming out of Jamin.”

“It is, I think, a not insignificant consolation that all who knew J.B. were enriched by it.”

“He was devoted and open to forming friendships.”

“His wide smile was a guaranteed bright spot in my day.”

“He was, and is, an inspiration to his friends to live fully and to make brighter the lives of people we encounter.”

“He consistently demonstrated his heart for the less fortunate, an amazing work ethic, sense of humor, & calmness in tense moments.”

“He was a brilliant young man who poured out his life to care for the people around him. He was a man who embodied peace and joy, and it radiated from him to his last breath.”

“Through it all, his starting point was integrity and sincerity, and it impacted all of our lives. He was a model of consistency and compassion.”

“…it is very hard to lose him when in fact, the world needs so many more like him.”

“He was one of the most 'adult' people I knew in my time at Harvard, and it made me feel safer to know that he was one of the people protecting our country.”

“…take some comfort in knowing how much we value the positive impact his life had upon ours.”

“Jamin was the consummate optimist, able to find silver linings in the profound and the ordinary.”

“He was an exceptional person in a culture full of them … scholar, athlete, linguist, technician, winner, patriot, and upstanding forward-thinking individual. Please always be proud of him, I assure you that we are.”

“The way Jamin lived his life is the way life should be lived. He made the most of every moment he had, and brought others along for the ride.”

‘He always did the right thing, no matter what the crowd was doing. His morals never wavered. Jamin could always be relied upon to be the voice of reason amongst our friends. I have met very few people in my life who I’ve wanted to emulate more.”

“Since working with Lt. Wilson, when faced with a choice, I ask myself what he would have done.”

“Lt. Wilson did not just follow the core values of the Air Force. He embodied them. ‘Integrity first, Service before self, and Excellence in all we do’.”

“… he always drove me to be a better person. There was goodness about J.B. that contagiously emanated from him.”

“I remember J.B. as one of the most truly sincere, congenial and caring people I have known.”

“He is not the first colleague I’ve had to say a final good- bye to, but he was undoubtedly the best.”

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