Monday, April 2, 2007

A Helping Hand

Submitted by Jamin's Aunt Cindy:

One summer our two oldest sons, Sam and Dean, ages 14 and 11, got the notion to build a bunker on the top of the hill on our ranch. Each morning they would trudge up the hill with their picks and shovels to work on what was going to be the “coolest fort ever”. Well, Colorado’s summers are hot and dry, and it was slow going digging down in that rocky, hard soil, but finally after several days they had managed to dig a hole large enough for both of them to fit into. At our weekly Sunday family lunch at Grandmother’s my sons told their cousins about the fort they had been working on, J.B.’s ears perked up, and he enthusiastically volunteered to come out and help them with their project. The boys were absolutely thrilled to think that their oldest cousin who had graduated from high school was going to lend a hand. I tried to temper their enthusiasm knowing that young men his age often made promises with good intentions, but often didn’t follow through. Shame on me, for doubting J.B.’s good intentions! True to his word, as soon a he could, J.B. set aside a day and arranged to drive out to the ranch. What great excitement there was when his chartreuse VW bug pulled up at our back door! In J.B. style, he arrived early, prepared with his own shovel. There was no dallying; J.B. had come to work and work they did! All day in that hot summer sun! Toward late afternoon I decided to hike up the hill with our four year old son to see if they had been able to make much progress. When we made it to the top I was absolutely dumbfounded by what we saw! They had managed to dig a cavern large enough to fit a car into! All three faces were beaming, mission accomplished, thanks to J.B.!

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