Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Tunnel Vision

The following is a short video that Jamin took on a trip with some of his high school friends, Jeff Burch and Chip Meister, when they visited him in September, 2006. Although you can't see Jamin at all in this movie his personality oozes through.

Be prepared to get more excited about a man made hole through a mountain than you ever have in your life!

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Unknown said...

It was truly the awesomest tunnel ever devised, as JB and I agreed. We were both quite excited about things like that. The windows in his house, for one, could open like normal windows, but they also opened from the top with just a flick of the wrist - awesome. The triangular stairs we saw in Verona, Italy that allowed you to go the same vertical distance as normal stairs, but in half the horizontal distance - awesome. The on-the-spot water heater - awesome. JB's european toilet - NOT awesome.

This is one of the things I will dearly miss about being with JB. We oh so enjoyed the little things. We once spent 5 hours on a decomissed battle ship (there were a LOT of little things) during my trip to see him at Harvard.

The first time I was in Germany, we visited some old Roman ruins in Trier. One of Emperor Constantine's bath houses had a plethora of underground tunnels. We were suddenly transported back to the times of little boys, terribly excited and we couldn't wait to see what was around the next bend. Fairwell, my dear friend. - Jeff

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