Sunday, December 31, 2006

Words of Wisdom

As I have been going through Jamin's photos preparing for the upcoming memorial in Denver I came across a picture that he took of an epitaph on display at Bastogne, a cemetary commemorating those who died during World War II.

The fact that Jamin took a picture of it attests to the importance and meaning he thought these words conveyed.

In light of his own death I think that Jamin would utter words much the same as these if he had the chance. Though he is gone our lives can still be a ripple of all of the good that he was and in so doing bring honor to his 25 years with us on earth.

In case you can't read the words in the picture they say:

We have only died in vain if you believe so;
You have to decide the wisdom of our choice,
By the world which you shall build upon our headstones,
And the everlasting truth, which have your voice.

Though dead, we are not heros yet, nor can be,
'Til the living by their lives which are the tools,
Carve us the epitaph of wise men,
And give us not the epitaph of fools.

David J. Phillips, 506th P.J.F./ 101st Abne. Div.

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