Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Special Day

Today is very special because it's a day when you have an opportunity to remember Jamin (JB). It was 5 years ago today, December 14, 2006, that Jamin died in a tragic car accident in Germany.

Each person who knew Jamin has special and unique memories of him. If I may, I'd urge you to step aside from the day-to-day hustle for a brief moment and recollect the memories you have. Enjoy a few smiles and happy thoughts. Did his life impact you in any way? Is there anything to be learned from his life that may make our lives and our world a bit better?

As with all human beings, he was certainly not perfect, but he was very special. If you'll indulge me, I'd like to put down a few of my remembrances. Perhaps they will help to reawaken your memories in one way or another --

I remember Jamin as one of the most nonjudgmental people (Sadly, not learned from me) I've ever known.  He purposely resisted talking badly about others and he delighted in befriending anyone who crossed his path. I was always surprised by the wide variation in personalities, nationalities, and economic status of people who he considered to be his friends -- and he had many. He honestly cared about each person and they sensed this when they were around him. Next to his picture in my wallet I have a short poem that exemplifies Jamin's approach to friendship. It reads: "I went outside to find a friend, but could no find one there; I went outside to be a friend, and friends were everywhere!"

I was always amazed that in spite of Jamin's keen intellect (He scored a perfect Verbal SAT score and a near perfect Math score) and his many accomplishments and awards (D'Evelyn High School, Harvard, Air Force), he remained a genuinely humble person. I remember his exuberance for life, the way he packed each day to overflowing, and how he attacked problems with confidence and humor. His broad smile and enthusiasm seemed contagious. My remembrance of Jamin is that he had the ability to become enthused and animated over the mundane things of life - a meal, an object, a scene. He was wise beyond his years in the way that he listened to, and often accepted, my advice. Yet, he rightfully also questioned my thoughts or beliefs and reasoned his way to his own set of strongly held tenets. He loved to argue any point, but didn't seem to let it impact friendship. Most of all, I remember Jamin's unwavering honesty, which underpinned his character. He was never afraid to let others know where he stood.

You have your own thoughts and memories of Jamin. Enjoy them.

Perhaps the best way to close this note is to leave you with a couple choice thoughts that Jamin left behind. You've most likely heard them previously, but to help refresh your memory, here they are again --

"So it’s all hands on deck; let’s unfurl the sails and follow the sun to the horizon fully enjoying this adventure that is life." 
The last entry in Jamin's hand written journal.

"Live. Be. Do. Act. Enjoy." 
Contained on a single sheet, these were the hand written action verbs by which Jamin tried to live his life.

So ...... make the most of your day and enjoy it to the fullest; oh yeah, and let others know you care about them -- that's what Jamin did.

Warmest greetings,

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