Saturday, February 3, 2007

Memories of a Green Beetle

The following was contributed by Vera Valentine, a friend and fellow counselor from Jamin's Camp Elim days in High School.

I met J.B. at Camp I think in 98', and am a couple of years younger than he was. I remember once, being so happy to get picked up by the shiny green beetle and ride safely (I do also remember feeling so safe with him at the wheel) up to camp for a training week I think. I don't remember much of that weekend except for that in a fairly rough game of "full contact" spoons,
J.B. managed to rip a hole through a new shirt of mine. We were both very surprised but I assured him not to worry, it was only a small hole and told him it could be repaired.

On the way home J.B. pulled off the highway to I think some castle rock outlets. I was not sure
what he was doing but soon figured out that he was determined to repair the "damage" he had done to the silly cotton shirt. He would not refuse taking me to choose another top to replace the one he had accidentally pulled. Once I figured I could not convince him to change his mind, I reluctantly went with him inside. We chose a sweater that I still wear today. I will not forget that gesture.

He probably never told you, but after leaving the store, we bumped into a well known receiver for the Denver Broncos. Poor J.B. had no idea who he was, but as a side note, I am a huge fan and will never forget that day. Meeting the bronco was just a bonus I guess.

I'm sure there are so many more meaningful stories than mine exemplifying his generosity and kindness, but I just wanted to let you know that I was glad to have known your son and thank you so much for raising such a wonderful young man.

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